Our values

We are unique

At Club Taxis MK, we believe it is critically important for all drivers and employees to understand and embrace our vision, mission, and values. The foundation for our commercial success is our reputation for adhering to the highest standards for our clients. safety, quality, and integrity.

“Fixed Price Please!”
A hidden gem within our company that we are very proud to still be able to offer to all of our customers. Just ask our operator for a fixed fare and we will honor this price! Just like our Airport prices, ask for the price and we can fix it for you.

This has many benefits, it enables you to plan your expenditure for the week/month, you know how much to save for the return journey home after a night out, you know you’re going to get the best price available! None of this “how much will it cost this time?”. Fix the fare, don’t watch the meter tick over and you know what you’re going to be paying!

Safe and responsible taxis

We take the safety of our customers extremely seriously and are continuously taking measures to provide the best possible service.

We aim to go above and beyond all legal requirements to ensure your comfort and security are a priority at all times.

From the moment you request a vehicle to the moment you arrive at your destination, we have your safety in mind. Our text alert system sends you a confirmation text so you know you’re booked in and the details are correct. Once a vehicle is allocated to you an automatic text is sent again to let you know we are on the way. The make, model and registration of the car are provided for safety and peace of mind. This means that if you’re travelling alone you can be secure in the knowledge you’re getting into the right car.

Additionally, booking your car via our smartphone app is a great way to be assured of your safety. You can see the make, model and registration of your taxi and can even track the driver on his way to your location. 

We believe our values and duty extend beyond enabling people to get around. It’s about celebrating our area and caring about the people in it, being responsible citizens. That’s why we endeavour to follow high standards of practice helping make our streets safer for everyone, whether they are on foot, bike or in cars.